Natural worming programmes

With an increasing risk of resistance to wormers, Worm Egg Counts are perfect as part of your targeted worming programme!


Why is carrying out a Faecal Worm Count Important?

Equine worming programmes cause owners much anxiety and confusion! We often hear, “which wormer do I use, which brand, how often, when do I use which ingredient?” Over the years there has been an increase in resistance to the active ingredients used in wormers. It is therefore important that we do not worm our horses when it is unnecessary to do so, which is better for our horses and helps prevent the development of resistance of wormers.

Natural horse worming programmes are becoming increasingly popular, especially with owners who’s horses, ponies and foals are sensitive to the chemicals found in modern wormers. There are of course some situations that may require owners to worm their equines with these products.

Whether you are following a natural worming programme or not, we recommend that you carry out a worm count every 10 – 12 weeks for a healthy equine. This significantly lowers the risk of resistance to chemical wormers should they be needed and allows you to target any causes for concern.

Furthermore, It is advisable to test new horses prior to turning them out on to pasture, to help prevent contamination.

Equine Egg Worm Counts are available here

Available test kits for Equine

You can now purchase your freepost Animal specific worm egg count from our website. You will receive your results within 48 hours of receipt by email or post whichever you prefer. Our staff are fully qualified Amtra SQP’s able to advice on Anthelmintic products.

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