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With an increasing risk of resistance to wormers, Worm Egg Counts are perfect as part of your targeted worming programme! NADIS and Vets are encouraging the use of FEC to help lower the use of worming unnecessarily.

Poultry Faecal Egg Counts

As poultry owners, whether for a few chickens or a larger flock, we know the importance of keeping our birds in the best of health. Worm Egg Counts (FEC) are an excellent tool to support this whether you are a farmer, smallholder or vet. They play an important role in worming programmes. FEC are a very useful way of establishing risk of worm burdens in your flock.

FEC can allow you to carry out any treatment needed, targeting specific parasites where a burden has been identified. On top of this, when a re-test is carried out, following treatment, this allows us to use data to analyse how effective treatment has been and identify possible resilience.
Another benefit to carrying out a FEC is that they give us an insight in to the health of our animals in a non-invasive way.
FEC for poultry look at the following worm eggs within your sample.

  • Gastrointestinal Worms (Chicken roundworm, Gizzard worm, Hookworm, Hair or thread worm, Caecal worm and tape worm)
  • Syngamustrachea (Gape worm)
  • Coccidia


Please Note

Please note tapeworm eggs may not show up on a FEC due to the way they are expelled however, if they are seen they will be added to your results.

Available test kits for Poultry

You can now purchase your freepost Animal specific worm egg count from our website. You will receive your results within 48 hours of receipt by email or post whichever you prefer. Our staff are fully qualified Amtra SQP’s able to advice on Anthelmintic products.


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