About Us

Feclab Specialise in Faecal Egg counts for dogs, cats and horses.


Feclab Laboratories originated as we believed that animal faecal egg count records will be a requirement to justify the use of Anthelmintics and prevent the over use of products.

We believe each wormer treatment should be justified for its known benefit to the Species being treated.

At Feclab, Our responsibility is to safeguard animal health and welfare as well as public health. We have fully qualified Amtra SQP’s able to advice on Anthelmintic products.

Regular worm count testing allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your worming programme and target any worm burdens directly. For those using conventional wormers, worm counts mean that you are only worming when necessary – due to a positive test, thus helping reduce the resilience to the ingredients in conventional wormers and limiting the chemicals entering your pets.


Natural worming programmes?

Faecal worm counts are an essential part of a natural worming programme. Pesky parasites find their way into most dogs and cats lives therefore it is essential that we have a targeted worming programme to help protect them from infestation. So whether you chose to worm or not, worm count testing plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy pets.

Here at Feclab we pride ourselves on offering a friendly, personal and professional service where you and your pets are our priority!


To purchase a worm kit for

You will receive your results within 48 hours of receipt by email or post whichever you prefer.

We always test our sample twice to give a professional accurate result.

Please note – we do not test for Fluke; we would recommend your vet for this test.