Natural worming programmes

Our companion animals are part of our family and therefore we as owners strive to provide the best we can for our pets. Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in our understanding of the impact that conventional wormers present to our pets.

Pesky parasites find their way into most dogs and cats lives therefore it is essential that we have a targeted worming programme to help protect them from infestation. So whether you chose to worm or not, worm count testing plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy pets.

Regular worm count testing

With owners becoming more aware of the side affects and resistance that conventional wormers can present, many have chosen to invest their time in to natural worming programmes (and flea treatment), this includes regular worm count testing.

Regular worm count testing allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your worming programme and target any worm burdens directly. For those using conventional wormers, worm counts mean that you are only worming when necessary – due to a positive test, thus helping reduce the resilience to the ingredients in conventional wormers and limiting the chemicals entering your pets.

Natural worming and worm count testing can also be hugely beneficial for pets who are sensitive to the ingredients in conventional wormers. There are of course some situations where: a severe worm burden, pets that are poorly nourished or those that have a compromised immune system need to use conventional wormers.

Carrying out regular worm count testing allows you to monitor and target parasites ensuring you are only using chemicals as and when needed.

Here at Feclab we pride ourselves on offering a friendly, personal and professional service where you and your pets are our priority!

Available test kits for Dogs & Cats

You can now purchase your freepost Animal specific worm egg count from our website. You will receive your result via email. In some cases we may post positive results i.e. for lungworm, if confirmation of receipt is not received. Our staff are fully qualified Amtra SQP’s able to advice on Anthelmintic products.

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