Pregnancy & Whelping Kit


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Pregnancy & Whelping Kit

This kit contains the following:

  • 1 x Worm Kit (40 – 45 days of pregnancy )
  • 1 x Worm Kit (Post Whelping)
  • 1 x Pooled Litter Puppy Kit (2 – 3 weeks of age)

For further guidance, please see information under the Dogs and Cats tab Pregnancy and Whelping

Taking Your samples:

Intestinal Worm Sample: 1 sample (1 x Pot)

*Puppy Intestinal Worm Kits & Pooled Puppy Kits will contain 3 x sample pots and require 1 x sample per day, taken over 3 consecutive days.

Lungworm: 3 Samples (3 x pots) 1 sample to be taken each day, for three consecutive days.

Samples can be taken from any time of the day (ideally the first stool of the day).

If collecting over three days for lungworm please place samples somewhere cool (they do not need to go in your fridge).

Kit Instructions:

  1. Place your sample/s in the sample pot/s provided, using the glove/s.
  2. Place sample pot/s in to the leak-proof bag (clear bag) & seal. *Please write your dogs name on the bag*
  3. Place your sample/s (now in leak-proof bag) in to the box, along with your (completed) information leaflet and close the lid.
  4. Place the security seal (as per label on the box) to seal.
  5. Then simply pop it in a standard letter box.
All Feclab kits contain a Tracked 48, Prepaid returns envelope (excluding the Giardia Rapid Antigen Home test kit).
Kits can be posted in a standard letterbox, saving you the trip to a post office.

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