Egg Counts

Egg counts Explained

Faecal Egg Count (FEC) is a method of determining how many internal parasite Eggs are present in a particular dung sample. It may also be possible to determine the different types of worms or other parasites present. The information on both the number and type of parasites can be used to determine whether or not an anti-parasitic treatment is required.

If an animal has internal parasites the eggs produced by the adult parasites are often passed out in the dung. If eggs are found in a fresh dung sample it shows that worms are present in the animal.

The number of eggs found can provide a useful indication of the level of parasite infection, so a high egg count would suggest a high level of adult parasites in the animal.


We offer the following options of FEC for sheep

Option 1) Sheep Kit for 1 sheep/ individuals.

Each test must be based on at least 10 individual samples please collect samples from 10 different droppings. If needed, separate them from the flock to allow you to collect these samples for an individual during the course of a day or overnight.

Each sample should be taken at random from the dung available.

Samples should be collected and posted as soon as possible to allow for an accurate reading. i.e. samples should be fresh within a 12 hour period.

Option 2) Pooled samples 1 – 10 sheep (or mob sampling) can be collected while the flock are gathered. You should take samples from across the area. This will allow a wide mix of samples from different sheep or lambs to be analysed in order to get a broader picture of possible worm burdens.

Option 3) On farm Collection Service As per option 2 with added service of collecting the samples for a FEC. This is ideal for larger flocks – saving you time. Please contact us if this is a service that you require.

Option 4) Farm/ Small Holder Subscription. This service offers you 4 FEC per year. This also includes our re-test service. On top of this we will monitor data of previous FECs to provide resilience data, high risk updates and targeted worming programmes (where applicable). Our fully qualified Animal Medicines Advisers (SQPs) can offer advice where needed. We are also happy to work with your vets where appropriate and required. This subscription is a personalised service tailored to you. Please contact us if this is a service that you require.

Option 5) Re-test. Following treatment, we offer a retest service (at relevant intervals depending on the group of wormer used). We are able to use previous FEC analysis to monitor any resistance to the product group used and plan accordingly.